Attitude. Skills. Knowledge.

Throughout the journey of decade what remained constant with MIMS are Innovation in Courses, Assured Placements, Quality Education and Best Faculties. MIMS has designed various Industry Oriented certification courses and created it's remark with quality education and successful employment opportunities for many of them. Here we are taking it to the next level by merging our expertise as strategic partner with numerous Universities and Colleges for their well-defined UG, PG courses and adopting such courses to execute, operate and prosper the careers of students. This is instigated and indoctrinated in the form of Aditus - a complete ecosystem created to nurture lives of students with Sponsorship Options for higher education and assured employment options even before joining courses.

These novel courses include specializations such as AI Blockchain, Agribusiness Management Banking, Digital Marketing, Interior Designing, International Business, Import-Export, Healthcare Management, Hospital Administration, Facility Management, Pharmaceutical Management, Real Estate Management Services Marketing. These are going to be our focused areas where we intend to train Graduates – Graduates to be, Engineering Graduates Science - Commerce Graduates to capture national international job and business opportunities.

Our sole aim is to make our students understand Businesses Strategies so that they surpass it aggressively with that troubleshooting skill set which will make them much desired by corporate world. Of course, to do so we need to make them Confident, to make them confident will have to make them knowledgeable and we need to train them so that they can express that knowledge with relevance.

Confidence - Knowledge - Performance

We believe in अयोग्यः पुरुषो नास्ति योजकस्तत्र दुर्लभः॥ It means there is no person unworthy, what is lacking is an enabler. We MIMS intent to be Yojaka - The Enabler.

MIMS believes that every graduate has great potential to be employed provided he is trained properly and offered with right kind of opportunities. Here we are to bridge the GAP between employers'; expectations'; trained graduates looking for a successful career.



The mission of MIMS is to indulge in relentless grooming of finest professionals of the country by imparting strong technical skills integrated with a passion for innovation, thereby making them competent to step up and handle any challenges and sustain globally.


The vision of MIMS is to provide a friendly environment for students to thrive personally and professionally and to guide them towards achieving their goals by equipping them with relevant skills through carefully structured courses, thus gifting valuable and responsible citizens to the society.


Focusing on all the Students equally and boosting their growth by consistent quality teaching and training. Weekly evaluation using and monitoring it through intelligently built technological Ecosystem – ADITUS.


Advisory Board