Leadership and Management

MIMS is headed by Young and Dynamic Leadership of Mr. Nitin Patil (MBA from IIMS Pune) who trusts in innovation in Education Systems and imparts it in his own set up. He is a person who is willing to welcome the changes and brings the international quality in his execution.

Executive Director's Message

Little Drops of Water Make the Mighty Ocean…

This is exactly what we have been able to achieve with our students of SCREM at MIMS. We have heavily relied on building individual skills by providing inputs on overall personality development of students and transform them into industry ready Techno-Management Professionals.
Quality Education coupled with appropriate industry exposure has been at the core of our values. With SCREM at MIMS, students spend about 50% of their time learning things practically through first-hand industry exposure. We closely work with many reputed and listed builders of India to ensure proper exposure to the students via Domestic and International Internships.
We have realised that if we can bring all our Experience, Expertise, Network and most importantly our good intent together, we will be able to create a truly comprehensive and transformational environment. Welcome to the new world of knowledge and global education.

Best wishes,
Prof. Nitin P. Patil
Executive Director

Director's Message

Dear Students, Commitment, Imagination, Forming Winning Teams are core competencies of my Students. We have invested in building great work attitude and troubleshooting habits are acquired by all my students. They are full of Passion for Real Estate as their career & with all their energies, positivity and innovations ready to explore international real estate market at Dubai.

We request Dubai based Entrepreneurs to serve us a chance to offer best of our learnings, motives for your organizational growth. You shall find your future VPs-CEOs in our Students.

All the Best,
Ms. Shailaja Patil
B.Tech , MBA in HR from University of Pune.

Director's Mesage

We are in the midst of a Revolution. The one this entire nation is basking in the glory of modern, proud generation that is taking the world by storm.

The world has realised that India is a treasure house of talent and intelligence. The youth of today are taking India to unparalleled heights of prosperity.

The only raw material essential to this great turnaround is Smart Education. We have often heard the phrase "Knowledge is Power". But the right knowledge to the right people at the right time shall take this country to new heights. This is what we, at Motion Institute of Management Studies believe in.

We concentrate on the minor details that the Architecure, Engineering and Construction industry relies on. That's how our tailor made result oriented courses are designed and constantly updated. We focus more on creating leaders. By leaders, we mean people who can potentially take the industry by storm with Innovation and Disruptive technologies. Innovation forms the core of our eco system.

I assure the students joining MIMS that they will be given best education with appropriate skills to enable them to learn and lead the future with confidence as responsible citizens of this great nation.

All the Best.
PGP Advanced Construction Management from NICMAR Pune.